Overview of AdPin

  • AdPin versions: one-piece pinball finger PRO or two-parts pinball finger PREMIUM with adjustable length.


  • standard rubbers in black


  • axle made from stainless steel


  • bolts and washers


  • Thumb nut to untighten the AdPin from the axle (alternative: machine bolt)


  • hex-wrench to fix and untighten the bolts


  • covering caps for facing the bolts head. The latest generation has only 2 bolts and therefore 2 caps Please see examples of installation.

A profile of the AdPin principle

The pinball finger is placed at the shaft made from stainless steel. 

More technical information to follow soon....



Alternative axles

We offer alternative axles with special screw thread to make AdPin's compatible to all popular pinball machines.


For example: Gottlieb uses alternative ones.


Please let us know if you need alternative onces when you place an order.




Superbands can be used with the AdPins generally. They can be used not only for the PRO's but also for the PREMIUM version with length adjustments. 

People who know Superbands are informed about their tenseness. We recommend to place the Superbands in warm water before use. They get more flexible and it is easier to fix them at the AdPin. The red colored Superbands have been used with the red AdPin PREMIUM at The Walking Dead. 

We deliver standard rubbers in black. 


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